Jul 24

IASO unable to restore data from IASOBACKUP

The backup software installation was a disaster. I’m an reasonable experienced user and I couldn’t get the ISAO backup software working on my machines. The developers had to come rescue the IASObackup helpdesk in order to get the software installed. This should have warned me from the beginning, but then again, once IASObackup works, it works.

Until you have a really urgent need to restore from a crash.

For more than three weeks now, IASO is trying to restore my data with. Unfortunately with very little success.

And guess what IASO is suggesting now in there e-mail:

IASOBackup logo
Logo from IASO

It is difficult case, which takes a lot of time to restore n.e table(not for one day). They suggest cutting long names (n.e table contain long names for files and folders). In this case max files and folder length will be 16 symbols. They could perform it today. Is it convenient for you?

Are they kidding me!! Is IASO serious!!!

All filename dependencies (e.g. Visual Studio solutions ) can be corrupted this way and have to be manually restored (if you know the correct names). That is very much work to do. And if you’re looking at Microsoft Live Mail: the filenames are mostly longer than 16 characters. So: how is my mailbox restoren then? I don’t think you can restore a Windows Live mailbox with short names.

A backup is made to restore ALL data, not SOME data, at least that is what I used to learn on engineering school. I am really really schocked about this mail and very afraid I’d might suffer severe data loss, since they cannot guarantee anything yet.!! That is not what’s on the brochure on www.iaso.com www.iasobackup.com. Promises promises……

My opinion: the risks of getting involved with IASObackup and the way that IASO controls such a situation is not what you might expect from a backup company like IASO.

A very disappointed IASO user and soon an ex-user.