Nov 22

I know why software companies use license codes

Today I’ve tried to reinstall my version of Enterprise Architect from Sparxsystem.

Of course I own a legal license. So after downloading the installer and run the installation I ran Enterprise Architect. First thing that popped up was the Licence Management screen. No problem, just dig into my mailbox and I found the key. Copy pasted the key and then:

I’ve looked up the key again, it was the right key . . .

I know people that ‘own’ a hacked version of Enterprise Architect and they run the software on every system without issues of complaining License Managers.

So why do I, as a paid user, have issues that illegal users don’t have? Why do companies use security and license codes. I can tell you:

Software companies use license codes to make life difficult for paid users by making it hard to use their software.

What do you think? Should I install the hacked version?