Dec 24

Typescript Common errors and issues for newbies

Recently I started working with Typescript. I’ve noticed that I made some Typescript Common errors and issues for newbies. So I’ve deceided to blog about them. I hope others can benefit from this:

Error 1:
Javascript critical error at line X, column Y, in http…./yourfile.ts
SCRIPT1004: Expected ‘;’

Solution 1:
You’ve probably included the .ts (TypeScript) file in your HTML. But you must include the generated .js (JavaScript) file. Replace the .TS extention for .JS extention, compile the project and you’re all set.

Error 2:
Unhandled exception at line X, column Y in http://localhost/…..yourfile.js.

0x800a138f – JavaScript runtime error: Unable to get property ‘YOURCLASS’ of undefined or null reference

Solution 2:
You’ve probably NOT include the .js file in your HTML file. Include the file <script scr=”YOURFILE.js”></script> in the HTML page.

Error 3: (this error occurs at Typescript compile time, in the editor, at compile time)
Invalid ‘new’ expression

Solution 3:
You must include the correct namespace for the class to create:

Wrong: new Project();
OK: new MySolution.Classes.Project()

Error 4: (this error occurs in the editor, at compile time)
The property XX does not exists on value of type YY

Example code:
public Project: Myapp.Models.ProjectInfo;

Solution 4:
Although you’ve probably used Intellisense when editing. Still this error does appear. You must include a reference to the .ts file. Put the following line at top of the Typescript file that generates this error:

/// <reference path=”PATH TO YOUR TS CLASS FILE”/>

Error 5:
Supplied parameters do not match any signature of call target: type ‘XYX’ is missing property ‘concat’ from type ‘XYX[]’

Solution 5
The parameter expected is an array of XYZ, but the passed parameter is XYZ. Replace the parameter with the correct one (should be an array in this case).


Hope these error messages and the solutions I have provided you, will give you a head start. In my case, most error gave me a terrible a headache.

Happy coding

Dec 03

(SOLVED) Intellisense is not working with Typescript and ReSharper

(SOLVED) Intellisense is not working with Typescript and ReSharper. I’m using Visual Studio 2012. Typically the options:

Tools -> Options -> Languages -> TypeScript -> Auto List Members & Parameter information

get unchecked. This happens every time you display a different file. Basically you have to manually select these options over and over again. This cannot be why you use ReSharper and Visual Studio’s Intellisense.

I’ve tried a lot of things in vain to resolve this issue:

  • deleted 10.0 folder in %APPDATA%/microsoft/visual studio
  • checked the correct opening tag:  /// <reference in stead of /// reference
  • repaired visual studio
  • disabled Typescript in ReSharper (ReSharper > options > languages  >uncheck typescript)

The Solution to this intellisense issue:

None of them gave the deired results. But fortunately I’ve found the solution:

  • In Visual Studio 2012:
    • ReSharper
    • Options
    • Intellisense
    • General
    • Limited ReSharper IntelliSense
    • Check all but TypeScript (ts. files)

And Intellisense works fine again in my case. I hope it helps you to solve the issue your experience..