Feb 24

How to add Hyves or OpenID provider to Azure Active Directory

How to add an OpenID provider (like Hyves) to the Azure Active Directory

  • If not done already install the Windows Azure Powershell
  • Install the Azure CMDLets
  • Start the Windows Azure Powershell with administrator privilidges
  • Enter this command:  Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  • Select Yes to change the execution policy
  • Configure the Windows Azure connection with your PC through command in the Powershell
    • add-pssnapin WAPPSCmdlets
    • Get-AzurePublishSettingsFile
    • An Internet Explorer start a download of the publish settings (you might need to sign in)
    • Import-AzurePublishSettingsFile <mysetting>.publishsettings
    • (if needed set the default subscription)
    • $mySubID = “<subscriptionID>”
    • (subscriptionID look like: 6a5225e2-4cbb-423e-8a23-1fd1b92243c5)
    • $certThumbprint = “<Thumbprint>”
    • $myCert = Get-Item cert:CurrentUserMy$certThumbprint
    • $mySubName = “<SubscriptionName>”
    • Set-AzureSubscription -SubscriptionName $mySubName
    • Certificate $myCert -SubscriptionID $mySubID
    • Select-AzureSubscription -SubscriptionName $mySubName
    •  Add-IdentityProvider -Namespace “<YOUR Azure AD NAMESPACE>” -ManagementKey “YOUR MANAGEMENTKEY” -Type “Manual” -Name “Hyves” -Protocol OpenId -SignInAddress https://openid.hyves-api.nl
    • Add-Rule -ManagementKey “<YOUR MANAGEMENTKEY” -GroupName “<RULEGROUPNAME>” -IdentityProviderName
      “Hyves” -Namespace “<YOUR NAMESPACE e.g. gupsi01″

Your all set

Feb 03

Missing “Choose how to handle unauthenticated requests” option in Identity and Access tools

Unfortunately I’m missing “Choose how to handle unauthenticated requests” option in Identity and Access tools Configuration Tab.

I try to add a ACS to my MVC4 Orchard project. I’ve installed the Identity and Access Tool. After right clicking my project I select ‘Identity and Access’. The Identity and Access popup show.

There should be this option. See Vittorio’s blog, but it is missing.

You can find this information here.

Any ideas?